So you go to the Twins game Wednesday night. You were hoping to see them snap their losing streak, because it makes you feel like you had something to do with them winning by your being there. But Mother Nature says the game will not be played. Or before you get to the game, it is rained out. Now what do you do?

Each game has a different set of rules. If the game has completed the top of the fifth inning but the home team has not had their at-bat yet when time is called, then the game is suspended and is usually made up the next day, in the case of the Twins usually a day-night doubleheader. If the fifth inning is completed, then whoever is ahead is the winner. If it is tied, then it is a suspended game and resumes the next day, or the next time that team is in town, basically. If the game is rescheduled:

Fans holding tickets usually have two options:

  • Use their tickets for admission into the rescheduled game
  • Use the value of their ticket (the amount paid) as a voucher toward any future Twins regular season game in 2017. Fans may apply the paid value of their ticket to seats in any Target Field seating area, based on availability. Any exchanges must be made at the Target Field box office at least 48 hours prior to the rescheduled game.

Important note: Due to the discounts offered for the purchase of some tickets, the amount paid for the ticket (and thus the “value” of your ticket) may be different than the price printed on the ticket.

Fans are encouraged to visit, call (612) 33-TWINS (612-338-9467) or (800) 33-TWINS (800-338-9467), or visit the Target Field Box Office during normal business hours for detailed information. You can also get gameday rainout policy information here.