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Three Simple Steps to Avoid a House Fire

The Minnesota State Fire Marshal is encouraging families to take these simple steps to reduce the chance of a house fire.

After three fire-related deaths over the weekend, State Fire Marshal Bruce West is pleading with people to take a few preventative steps to avoid a personal disaster. He says residents should never leave candles unattended. In fact, he says its even better to use flame-less candles.

West says to stay in the kitchen while cooking. What’s meant to be a quick trip outside of the kitchen can inadvertently lead to a longer time away than planned, with terrible side effects.

Dispose of cigarettes in a sturdy container, which should be filled with water or sand. To go one step further, offers ideas and encouragement on giving up smoking.

Find fire prevention tips and documents on the Department of Public Safety website. West cites a house fire in Longville that claimed the lives of two women, reported by WCCO, as his reason for concern. The cause of that fire has not yet been determined. West says, “most fires can be prevented,” on the fire marshal’s Facebook page. He also states, “A few moments. That’s all it takes to make sure fire does not destroy property, or worse, take a life.”

West also tweeted out information for parents concerned about their children if they show any tendency toward starting fires. The department reminds cabin owners to verify that CO detectors and smoke alarms are operable.




Use Flame-less Candles



Don’t leave burning candles unattended.




Stay in the Kitchen when Cooking



You don’t want to burn dinner, or burn down your house.


Hand putting out a cigarette in ashtray
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Put out your Cigarette



Falling asleep with a lit cigarette is really dangerous.


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