We love our small towns! I think they're such great places to go for day trips, they always have such cute attractions and mom-and-pop shops. And a list of the 2022 best small towns to live in Minnesota was released earlier this year. The town that took the top spot is 90 minutes from Rochester, MN. Also, one of our neighboring towns ended up in the top 5!

Personally, I love small towns but I'm not a small-town living kind of person. I like the vibe of a city. Now, the number one best small town to live in Minnesota is actually quite close to a city so I could probably do that. If I'm within close distance of lots of food options (and variety), good drinks, and a Target, I'm good.

The Best Small Town to Live in Minnesota, 2022

This is according to a study done by HomeSnacks. They say that the best small town in Minnesota is... Deephaven! And if you're wondering where that is, I did the Googling for you already.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It's right next to Minnetonka and Minneapolis. So like I said earlier, because of the close proximity to large towns I'd be totally fine living here.

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Top 10 Best Small Towns to Live in Minnesota, 2022

Now let's check out the top 10 small towns in Minnesota. Because maybe you're looking to move to a small town but you're not into how close Deephaven is to the cities. Or maybe you want more ideas for a day trip (I love small-town day trips). Here are the top 10!

10. Scanlon
9. Oak Park Heights
8. Elko New Market
7. Independence
6. St. Bonifacius
5. Lonsdale
4. Oronoco
3. Wayzata
2. Birchwood Village
1. Deephaven

See, I told you a neighbor to Rochester made the top 5! Oronoco was named one of the best small towns to live in Minnesota, which is pretty sweet.

Keep scrolling for not just more small towns, but the SMALLEST towns in Minnesota. And they're super tiny!

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