The top words that people in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois have a hard time pronouncing correctly.

Has this ever happened to you?  You are having a conversation with someone and the individual stops you in mid-sentence to let you know that the word you just spoke was said incorrectly.  If it has, you aren't alone and I just wanted you to know that saying a few words "wrong" is normal.  Very, very normal!  In fact, here's a huge list of words that people in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois say incorrectly all of the time.

38 Words that People Have a Really Hard Time Pronouncing

If you've ever been ridiculed because you said a word funny, you aren't alone. I took a survey and found that out the huge list of words below are some of the most difficult for people in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois to say correctly. How many do you have trouble with?

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"Learn how to talk if you are going to be on a Minnesota radio station."

I may work in radio in Rochester, Minnesota, and talk in a microphone but I have a huge list of words that are very, VERY challenging for me to say correctly. In fact, I had a really interesting note sent to me the other day that I just have to share. 🙄

I have no idea how you got a job to talk on a radio show.  You have a weird accent.  You say your "o" weird.  You always say caramel wrong.  And I heard you say the word "ketchup" wrong.  Learn how to talk if you are going to be on the radio.

People are awesome.  #WelcomeToMyLife 

The day that I got that note I put a question out on Facebook to see if anyone else had a word that they struggled to pronounce correctly.  I wanted to talk about this little "issue" that I had, be real and vulnerable during my show, and let people know that it is okay to not be perfect.  None of us are.

Turns out - I'm not alone in having a few challenges with speaking certain words.

One important reason why someone might say words differently than you.

According to, 35% of people "feel compelled to correct so-called mispronunciations" of others.  Plain and simple, the person is judging you.

The way people speak and pronounce words is very much dependent on their language background and experience. By correcting a pronunciation that you have actually understood but somehow object to, you could be inadvertently – or even purposefully – pointing out perceived deficiencies arising from differences in social class, culture, race, gender, and so on. -

We all grew up in different places.  Some of us even speak a different language or more than one language.  Many individuals have speech impediments that they have worked hard at overcoming.

Before you send a note or criticize someone for how they pronounce a word, pause...ask yourself if you truly know everything and all things about the person.  I can guarantee 100% that you don't.

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