50 reasons why people in Minnesota are annoyed by Facebook

Are you addicted to Facebook?  If we took a poll of people in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, or anywhere in the United States, a huge chunk of adults would say that "yes", although they find Facebook absolutely annoying, they still look at it.  But what makes Facebook so annoying?  Ha!  People had A LOT to say about that question and below are 50 reasons why this social media platform rubs us the wrong way.

50 Reasons Why Facebook is Annoying

You might get annoyed by Facebook, but did you check Facebook today? For most people, that answer is "Yes". I asked around though to see if people love Facebook or get annoyed by it more and the resounding answer from people in Minnesota was "ANNOYING" and here are 50 reasons why.

What's missing on the list?

I'm sure there are more reasons why this social media giant gets under your skin like flesh-eating bacteria.  I'd love to hear your answer!  Just hop on over to the Facebook we all know and don't love and send me a message on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

After all that, people still love Facebook and these 30+ reasons are why

Right now you are probably thinking about all the nasty people and horrible posts that you've seen on Facebook today but the reality is, there are some good things about Facebook too.  A lot of us use the social media platform to connect with family and friends that we never get to see, which is very valid and might be why you log in.  It's actually one of the top reasons why people still have a Facebook account today.  Browse through the list below and see some of the other positives are that the virtual world of Facebook is giving to us humans in the real world.

30+ Reasons Why People Still Like Using Facebook

A bunch of people have jumped off the super popular social media platform called Facebook for various reasons but for those that have stayed, why are they still logging in? I asked around and got a bunch of answers from people that live in Minnesota to see why they still have a Facebook account and here's what they said their reason was.

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