If your co-worker comes in tomorrow and you noticed some new bling attached to their body, it's probably because today is National Piercing Day.  If you've been thinking of getting a new hole in your body or a tattoo, you are in luck because below are some of Rochester, Minnesota's top tattoo and piercing shops.

Get inked up at one of the tattoo shops in and around the Rochester, Minnesota area!

How many tattoos do you have?  If you are a fan of the ink, you probably already have your favorite artist.  But, if you are a newbie or you are exploring and want to get some more color on your skin, there are 9 tattoo shops in the RochesterMinnesota area that have helped create some pretty amazing body art.

9 Tattoo Shops in the Rochester, Minnesota Area

If you are looking to get some new ink and wondering where to go for the best tattoo, check out this list of all the tattoo shops in and near Rochester, Minnesota.

Check out this piercing shop in Rochester, Minnesota

If you are just wanting to get a piercing, here are a few other shops that you might want to consider in the Rochester, Minnesota area:

There are three types of people when it comes to tattoos.

Throughout my many years of living on this earth, I've found that there are some very differing opinions on tattoos, especially in the midwest.

  • Person #1 - they love the ink and now that they are reading this story, they are thinking that maybe they should get another tattoo
  • Person #2 - this individual likes to see tattoos on other people but doesn't want the needle touching their own skin
  • Person #3 - If someone has a tattoo, this individual thinks that they are the worst human beings in the world and they probably committed a crime somewhere, somehow.  (Yes, even people who have the "I ❤️ mom" tattoos are evil.)

Which tattoo person are you?

If I'm completely honest, I'm #1.  I have 2 tattoos and I am thinking another one would like good...or even a nose ring.  What about you?  Let me know over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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