After reading the whole Tom Brady suspension story yesterday (4 games) I decided to do a little digging and see just how prevalent cheating in the NFL is and apparently, ALL NFL teams have cheated.

Believe me, I'm no fan of Tom Brady. I can't stand him or Bill Billicheat and I'm certainly not defending either of them but according to a website I found,, even YOUR favorite team cheats.

From infractions including PED's, bounties, etc.

The Vikings cheated a number of times. From PED's to Noisegate, where they were accused of piping in noise for home games at the Metrodome.

The Packers had their franchise revoked back in 1921 for recruiting 3 Notre Dame players before their final game that season. Curly Lambeau had to buy his way back into the league the following year.

It seems that the team with the most cheating would be the Denver Broncos.

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