Grabbing a souvenir baseball that's been used in a Major League game is always a thrill when you're at the stadium. However, if you don't come up with the ball, getting what this fan got at Tuesday's Twins game against the A's might be the next best thing.

While neither the A's nor the Twins are having a great season so far this year, at least the fans out in Oakland put on a pretty good show. At least they did during the 8th inning of Tuesday night's 7-4 A's victory over our Twins.

Check out this video that shows two A's fans trying to come up with a foul ball that had just been hit into the stand by the A's Coco Crisp. The guy in the hat reaches for the ball, but doesn't come up with it. The guy in the checkered shirt ultimately came away with the ball-- but the guy in the hat emerged from the shadows of the area between the stands and the tarp with... a beer.

He didn't have the beer going in, yet he somehow came away with a half-full glass-- most likely from the guy in the checkered shirt, who probably set it down in the process of grabbing the foul ball. I'm not sure who's the bigger winner. Check it out...