Austin, MN (KROC-AM News) - An Austin man was sentenced Thursday for the murder of a teenager and the attempted murder of his wife.

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28-year-old Jaime Vaca was sentenced to just over 31 years - 306 months for the murder of a teenager and 75 months for the attempted murder of his wife.

Vaca pleaded guilty in November to one count of 2nd-degree murder and one count of attempted 2nd-degree murder. Vaca was arrested after Austin police responded to a domestic dispute in December 2020. 


The criminal complaint reports that Vaca stabbed his wife in the neck and was choking her when her 15-year-old son tried to come to her rescue. Austin Police investigators indicated Vaca responded by stabbing the teenager in the neck. He was able to escape and call 911 before he collapsed.

The teenager later died from his wounds, while his mother survived after undergoing life-saving surgery.

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