An unfortunate ice fishing incident over the weekend in northeast Wisconsin should pose as a warning to any eager anglers itching to drive their vehicles out on to the lakes.

With such beautiful sunshine and above-normal temperatures for February sweeping across the Midwest, this could have easily happened at any of the lakes around here.

The man was driving his Cadillac Escalade across what seemed a semi-safe frozen bay on Lake Michigan, while also towing his ice fishing shack. That's when both broke through the surface and plunged to the bottom of the lake.

Strangely enough, another man who was back on shore was recording video on his cell phone. Just as he says, "Boy am I glad I ain't out there," the truck and fish house cracked through the thin ice. Talk about timing!

Fortunately the driver of the truck was able to escape his sinking vehicle and pull himself to safety! You can watch the video in full below:

How this manages to happen every year, is beyond me. Either way just be SAFE and SMART out there, everyone!

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