Making milkshakes really dramatic has become a trend and several Iowa restaurants have jumped on board.

This may be a trend to blame Instagram for but you've seen the huge milkshakes by now. They look really extra, topped with just about half of a cake and/or half of a Chips-Ahoy container and containing likely enough sugar to keep you totally awake for 72 hours.


But not all great milkshakes are like that. Best Things Iowa and Only In Your State looked at some of the best places to get milkshakes in Iowa to satisfy your sweet tooth this summer. In no particular ranking, here are the places you can check out for milkshakes.

And pretty much all of these places have really delicious-looking savory options too like nachos and burgers, if you don't have much of a sweet tooth.

Frydae- Marion

In Marion, you'll find Frydae, which has a lot of really extra milkshakes and savory plates like pork carnitas. You can check out their Facebook page here.

Central Standard - Craft Beer & Burgers - Bettendorf

In the QC, we have Central Standard. They have several craft beers, burgers, and seasonal fun milkshakes.

Zombie Burger + Drink Lab- Des Moines

While this one looks more tame the burgers at this Des Moines restaurant sure aren't. This is one of the most recent offerings from the restaurant and you can spike it with vanilla liqueur. Here's their Facebook page.

Hickory Park- Ames

Rated #2 on Yelp for milkshakes in Iowa is Hickory Park in Ames. They have burgers, deli sandwiches, and even barbecue in addition to their many flavors of milkshakes.

Burgerfiend- Cedar Rapids

In Cedar Rapids is another spot praised for it's milkshakes- Burgerfiend. Like several places on this list, they also have big burgers.

Drake Diner- Des Moines

I mean, I think the lady's face says it all. Drake Diner is in Des Moines and describes itself as "an upscale retro diner that serves classic homemade comfort food" and also all-day breakfast.

4 Queens Dairy Cream- Cedar Falls, Evansdale, Waverly

4 Queens Dairy Cream has 3 locations in the Cedar Valley- Cedar Falls, Evansdale, and Waverly. They have a lot of toppings for milkshakes and many flavors of their signature "Snowstorms" (which look like thicker milkshakes).

Tastee Treet- Council Bluffs

Rounding out the list is Tastee Treet in Council Bluffs. They have a monthly candy malt as well as a lot of milkshake flavors to choose from.

Once it does finally start warming up and feeling like summer, you have plenty of places to cool off with a sweet treat in Iowa!

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