As the season of Lent is upon us, all Catholics are encouraged to go without meat on Fridays.

Whether you're religious or just love a great piece of fish, we've got you covered with a list of places in the Quad Cities Area that offer fish on Fridays.

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The Historical Context of Lenten Fasting

According to, the tradition of abstaining from meat during Lent is rooted in the idea of forgoing a luxury, as meat was relatively rare for most people. The tradition is to abstain from meat, not necessarily to eat fish.

Fish as a Healthy Protein Option

Fish is a great option for those abstaining from meat during Lent because it's high in lean protein and low in saturated fat. It's also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can improve heart health when eaten regularly.

Deep frying fish in hot oil can negate these health benefits but in my eyes, it's 100% worth it.


The Allure of Local Fish Fries

Many people enjoy indulging in a good fish fry during Lent. The best fish fries around are the ones that source the fish locally.

To help those looking to enjoy a great piece of fish during Lent, we've compiled a list of places in the Quad Cities Area that offer fish on Fridays.

So, whether you're sticking to religious beliefs or just looking for a great piece of fish, the Quad Cities has a ton of options for you to enjoy some fish this Lenten season!

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