This is a big week for all of us! First, today is Mardi Gras, and of course we are all preparing for that potential storm, but today is also National Pancake Day! Which is awesome, but hey its also National Pancake week!

Even though there’s an ongoing battle on whether waffles are better or pancakes, you can’t deny that pancakes are truly a classic! I will say I am team pancake and so I am excited to share the best places in southern Minnesota to get pancakes.

Because I want to spend time sharing the best 10 places to get pancakes, I thought I would spread it out to cover the whole week and cover two a day. So here are the next two.

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These are not necessarily in a particular order, but I am saving the best ones for later in the week so keep checking in!

Best 10 Places to Get Pancakes in Southern Minnesota: Pt.2 #'s 8-7 (well, central MN today)

#8: Hen House Eatery, Minneapolis

I’ve never heard of Hen House before and so I was going to review a different restaurant but after seeing their pancake and waffle menu, I just had to!

The idea of Hen House came about when 3 friends “who loved serving breakfast downtown Minneapolis decided to open a place of their own. With a shared vision of creating a dining experience that was both welcoming and vibrant,” as explained on their about page. It’s a “place you can enjoy a homemade meal cooked with heart and soul and served with a splash of creativity.”

Now let’s get to their delicious pancakes. What I love about Hen House is that they weren’t joking around with the creativity. They fill their menu with yummy foods like Cinnamon Roll Pancakes and Chicken and Waffles (A waffle topped with crispy chicken tenders, apple coleslaw, and honey). They also have Banana Bread French Toast (Topped with bananas, candied walnuts, homemade whip cream, and caramel sauce served with warm banana syrup).

#7: Olivia’s Organic Café, Burnsville

Now, while Olivia’s is all organic, they are highly reviewed, and as they should be because their wide range of food options looks absolutely delicious!

While they don’t have a wide range of pancake and waffle options, that does not mean they don’t count for some of the best pancakes in Minnesota.

Their story really captures it all: Olivia is a girl who couldn’t enjoy all food that others could due to health challenges, so her mom decided to start this restaurant for Olivia to embrace her differences. As stated in their story section, “whether you are celiac, have autoimmune concerns, allergies, are on a healing through food journey or are a believer in the innate wholesomeness of organically grown, freshly prepared foods… You’ve probably been made to feel different. At Olivia’s, being different is what brings us together.”

Olivia has their organic versions on Buttermilk Pancakes and Waffles and you can of course add toppings! They also serve many breakfast pastries, but wait there’s more! Not only do they also have soups, sandwiches, and burgers but they also have many desserts, cocktails, coffee, and of course a kids menu!

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