One of my biggest fears is eating food and taking in a big bite of someone else's hair.. or literally anything that's not my food for that matter.

As for this Rockford guy, he got a little more than just a few strands of hair in his Chipotle bowl.  I was actually on the phone with him when this happened and I screamed when I saw what he pulled out of his food.

My boyfriend, Brian, was on his lunch break in Rockford and decided to stop at Chipotle to pick up a burrito bowl like he normally does.  He went to take his first fat bite and something just didn't taste right...

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In the first half of the video he's showing us this huge piece of something that came out of his Chipotle bowl.  Honestly, we all know what it looks like.  Thankfully, it's not what you're thinking!

Here's what it looked like...


After he flips the piece over, he sees writing on it.  We can only assume it was the cover to one of the ingredients with the expiration date, right?  If not, we really don't know what else it could be!

How does this end up inside someone's food?  I'm shocked!!!


Luckily, after calling Chipotle in Rockford and being redirected to the Chipotle headquarters, they reimbursed him and gave him free burrito bowl cards as an apology in hopes he would return to their establishment.  Things happen and he knew that, but that thing was GROSS. Since then, he hasn't had a problem!

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