A woman in Boulder County was taken to the hospital last week after a herd of cows randomly decided to attack her. She was out for a run on a nature trail when 30 cows swarmed her and attacked.

On Tuesday at the Coalton Trailhead, Vivian Kuenn said she was biking down the hill seeing a runner ahead of her jogging towards the hill. Suddenly, an entire heard of cattle surrounded her.

"She screamed and was just down on the ground while they were just trampling her," said Kuenn. "In a very short span of time she stopping moving. At that time I though, oh my gosh, did I just watch her die? Which thankfully wasn't the case."

Boulder County Parks and Open Space said the runner had to be taken to the hospital to be treated.

Up at the top of the trailhead, there's a sign that says "Give Cows Space. They Can Be Aggressive," which the department put up because it's calving season and the cows are a little more aggressive than usual.

"We want to inform the public and help reduce risk between, and interaction between, the public and livestock when they are out here grazing," said Mike Foster, the agricultural resources division manager for Boulder County Parks and Open Space.

Cows in the Pasture

Foster manages 25,000 acres of agricultural land that Boulder County owns, which is home to a lot of cattle.

"What we advise is give cattle a wide berth," Foster said. "If cattle are standing on the trail it's better to turn around and wait in your car for a little bit until cattle move off the trail."

Boulder County Parks and Open Space said they've relocated the herd to an area without nature trails.


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