The Mayo Clinic has announced a licensing agreement with a company that has developed a sideline concussion test. The agreement allows King-Devik Test Inc. to market the screening tool as the “King-Devick Test In Association With Mayo Clinic.”

A statement issued by the Mayo Clinic Tuesday describes the company’s test as a quick, accurate and objective concussion screening tool that can be administered on the sidelines of sporting events by non-medical personnel.

“Studies have indicated that the King-Devick test is an effective tool for the real-time evaluation of concussion because it looks at rapid eye movement and attention - both are affected by concussions,” says David Dodick, M.D., Mayo Clinic neurologist and director of Mayo Clinic’s concussion program. “Most importantly, the test is affordable and can easily be used by any youth sports league, and administered by non-medical personnel.  And youth athletes are at a higher risk for concussion and a longer recovery time than adults.”

The test requires an athlete to read single-digit numbers displayed on cards or a tablet computer following a suspected head trauma. Results of the exam, which takes about two minutes, are then compared to a baseline test previously taken by the athlete. More than 20 studies have found the test to be a quick and accurate tool for determining if an athlete should be removed from the playing field.