David Shama has an online sports report called “Sports Headliners”, where he writes about Minnesota sports teams. This week, he wrote a nice article about Darrell Thompson’s son Race.  

Richard Pitino Gophersports.com

Race Thompson is one of the top high school basketball players in the state. He’s a 6-8 junior forword at Armstrong High School. Minnesota Gophers head men's basketball coach Richard Pitino has offered Thompson a scholarship, but he's not alone. Race has also received offers from Creighton, Nebraska, Arizona State, Iowa State, Kansas State, Northern Iowa and Marquette. He was told by a doctor that he’ll likely grow another inch before reaching his maximum height.

Will he follow in his dad’s footsteps and go to the U? He says he’ll probably choose a school after the AAU season ends next summer. He hasn’t made any decisions yet.

Darrell, according to the article, is not pushing his son toward a specific college, preferring to let him make his own decisions. Race said the important factors for him in choosing a school are the basketball program’s coach, the players and style of play.  

It’s certainly someone to keep an eye on this winter...