Today’s the big day – Round 1 of the NFL Draft! For some fans, this is the best day of the year. The day when their franchise actually has a chance of coming out a winner.

A lot of sports-related media and companies spend tons of time, energy and money on scouting reports to determine which players are the best available. Coaching staffs toil and debate players to create their team's ultimate draft list. But as we all know, that work doesn't always yield top results. History is full of first-round draft busts – a personal favorite of mine was Ryan Leaf.

With that in mind, the folks at SB Nation want to introduce you to your very own NFL draft report evaluator. That’s right! You can generate your very own scouting report, complete with fancy football jargon and “insider” facts that have absolutely nothing to do with football.

I ran a scouting report on myself and here’s what I got:

“Frank has the football mind to hike a cantaloupe, but scouts say busted bracket could be an issue…”

Sounds like I may just be the top-rated center in the 2015 NFL draft! That's saying something, since I'm not exactly offensive-lineman size...

Insert your own name, or the name of your favorite college player, into the generator. Then share your scouting report with us!