Can you guess which names topped our list?

Last week, a list of the most embarrassing jersey to own for every NFL team came out and it got me thinking: What current player's jersey would you definitely not want to wear out in public these days?

Not just in the NFL either, but all four professional Minnesota sports franchises?

While a couple names jumped out to me right away, these jerseys definitely belong in the burn pile of your next bonfire this summer.

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    Kurt Suzuki - Minnesota Twins

    Honestly, you could put just about anybody's name here this season. But since I can only pick one, I choose Kurt Suzuki. While he's not the main problem this year, he's certainly not helping the team, either. He's hitting just .220 this season, far below his .255 career average, and he has only 10 RBI with one home run. General manager Terry Ryan, who's made several questionable decisions the past few years, eagerly rewarded Suzuki with a two-year extension in 2014 after a strong debut in a Twins uniform. Since then, he's regressed to his career averages, or worse, and hasn't been the same player. As an aging backup catcher, at best, he remains in the starting line-up mostly because the John Ryan Murphy trade from the Yankees this summer looks to be a complete bust, as he's now down in Triple-A "refining" his own game.

    Considering this is already a lost season and we don't have any better options, you'll be seeing a whole lot more of Suzuki behind the plate not tossing out would-be base-stealers.

    Honorable Mentions: Glen Perkins, Byron Buxton, Brian Dozier, Ricky Nolasco. Take your pick, really...

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    Thomas Vanek - Minnesota Wild

    Where do we even start with the former Golden Gopher? After signing a three-year contract to be a goal-scoring threat, the 32-year-old veteran has certainly failed to live up to his end of the deal, as he's only put 39 goals into the back of the net. On top of being an occasional scorer (when he feels like it) and a defensive liability on the ice, Vanek's name was mentioned several times during this past season for having a poor attitude in the locker room, and that it also rubbed off on many of the younger players. One potential solution is buying out the winger's contract, as he is due to make $7.5 million and carries a cap hit of $6.5 million in the contract's final year. The other is to let him continue being a healthy scratch in the press box and eat the money.

    One thing is certain: In order for Coach Boudreau to succeed in his debut season with the Wild, Vanek needs to shape up or he'll be shipped out.

    Honorable Mention: Mikael Granland

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    Cordarrelle Patterson - Minnesota Vikings

    Oh, Cordarrelle, you had so much potential! After nick-naming himself "Flash" in his rookie year (Yup, he gave HIMSELF a nickname!), the former first-rounder ran himself into our hearts with his knack for finding the end-zone on kickoffs and gimmick plays. But since then he's all but vanished from the coach's radar and playbook. In fact, the Vikings even declined to pick up the $7.91 million, fifth-year option for the receiver this off-season. The 25-year-old receiver hasn’t started since Nov. 2, 2014. Patterson’s talent is undeniable, as he showed it with his seven offensive touchdowns (four receiving, three rushing) during his rookie season. It’s why general manager Rick Spielman traded back into the first round with New England to take him with the 29th-overall pick.

    But if "Flash" is to remain in purple beyond this season, he'd best figure out a way to catch more than two balls this year, or he'll be yet another forgettable former underachieving receiver in Minnesota.

    Honorable Mentions: Matt Kalil, Phil Loadholt, Jeff Locke

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    Nikola Pekovic - Minnesota Timberwolves

    This one was easy. Since being drafted with the 31st overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft, good ol' Pek has never played a complete season, due to injuries. I'm probably missing a game or seven in my count, but he's missed at least 221 out of a possible 492 games in his career. It's hard to contribute when you're always hurt, but even when he is on the court he does little to effect most outcomes in his team's favor. The Montenegrin has averaged only 24.9 minutes, 12.6 points and 6.7 rebounds a game in his career with the Wolves and still has two years remaining on the five-year, $60 million contract he signed in 2013. Yuck!

    Even if the organization wanted to trade him, I doubt they could find a partner with Pek's ugly contract. It looks like new coach Tom Thibodeau has his work cut out for him if/when Pek ever gets back on the court.

    Honorable mention: Ricky Rubio