The Rochester City Council will hold a hearing Monday evening to get more input on the planned expansion

of the Recreation Center and a new Senior Center building. Supporters of the combined projects are asking the Council to increase the $20 million budget by $2.3 million. They note the original budget was set at $25 million. The legislature later lowered it to the current $20 million figure. Both the Rochester Area Builders and the Southeastern Minnesota Building and Construction Trades Council have sent letters of support to the Council. The $20 million will come from the city’s sales tax fund. If the extra money is approved, it will come from a capital improvement fund.

The Council is also being asked to award a bid for engineering services for the planned improvements of the 16th street southwest corridor between Broadway and Salem Road. The biggest improvement involves the 16th street/Mayowood Road intersection. The engineering firm will look at a possible roundabout at the intersection, along with a traditional traffic control light system. The city is expected to get input from residents in the neighborhood during a future meeting. Findings and a possible staff recommendation on the intersection will likely be presented to the City Council in May. If the final design can be completed this year, it’s expected work on the corridor improvements will begin next spring.