If you're a sucker for a sappy animal story, then I've got a doozy for you.

Sometimes Wild Animals Need A Little Help From Humans

Usually, wild animals don't need help from humans. Unlike pets who depend on their owners, they live on their own in the wilderness and are used to taking care of themselves. Sometimes, they get stuck in a sticky situation and luckily, people are around to save the day.

According to patch.com,

Illinois Deer Saved From Frozen River

In Wauconda, witnesses spotted a deer stuck in the icy Fox River. They contacted first responders who came out to save the day. The deer was walking out on the frozen river which was actually thin ice. The poor animal's legs fell through and it was stuck in place. When first responders arrived, they found the distressed creature unable to free itself.

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The firefighters suited up in their water rescue gear and headed out to the middle of the frozen river. After calming down the deer, they were able to free it from the ice. They brought the animal back to shore. She was having a problem walking. The team warmed her up with blankets and hot packs. Once she got her temperature back up, the rescuers released her back into the woods. There were no issues after that.

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The firefighters named the deer “Jan” and were able to free it from the ice.


McHenry County Conservation District personnel remained with the deer after firefighters left the scene.

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