It sounds weird but it is true, there is a small village that is technically a part of Illinois BUT it is on the Missouri side of the Mississippi River...So how does that happen?

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It's not often that I read a headline that makes me double-take and say to myself "wait what...?" but that just happened to me and I had to spread the word about it. I just read this fascinating article from, the article is titled "The Illinois village located in Missouri" and it tells the story of how there is a part of Illinois that is on the Missouri side of the Mississippi River. In the article they say...

"Kaskaskia is part of Randolph County, Illinois, but is located on the Missouri side of the Mississippi River...deforestation made it easier for the Mississippi to flood Kaskaskia and the surrounding areas. In 1844, another devastating flood forced the residents of Kaskaskia to move the town south. By 1881, the Mississippi River shifted more than two miles to the east, overrunning the channel of the nearby Kaskaskia River."

The article calls this process of borders changing due to waterways changing or shifting coarse an exclave, and there are other examples of this even though they are pretty rare. To read the complete article for yourself click here!

The power of mother nature, the Mississippi River reroutes itself after years of deforestation in the area and now there is a part of Illinois on the west side of the mighty Mississippi. I have always wanted to travel to that area of southern Illinois that has all the relics of the old Native American cities, and where the French explored hundreds of years ago, Kaskaskia the town in question actually use to be the state capital of Illinois, and now it's in Missouri, makes me want to road trip down there asap.

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