It's that time of year to get the family out for some winter fun. There's a tubing park in Wisconsin that happens to be the biggest in the entire country.

Some people get the winter blues and others make the best of it. Living in what some call the "frozen tundra", you got to make it work somehow. I absolutely love sledding days. Skiing and snowboarding are not in the cards for me, but I'll go tubing any day.

Here in the Northland, you can even enjoy some night tubing in the area. Check out the places here.

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Where is the biggest tubing park located?

I recently discovered that the biggest snow tubing park in the entire United States, is located in Wisconsin. You can find it in the small town of Kewaskum, with a population of around 4,000. It is also almost a six hour drive from Duluth.

How big is it?

This place has over 40+ chutes, a wicked 90-foot drop, and you can catch yourself going speeds up to 30mph. No wonder it's the largest snow tubing hill in the United States.

The place is called Sunburst Winter Sports Park. Unfortunately, the tubing park isn't open yet, as it opens in January of 2023, but you can start getting your tickets now.

The park also offers hills for skiing and snowboarding. The thing I love about tubing, is it takes no skill. Just your body and the tube. Enjoy the vibes and have some winter fun. Check out a video of the tubing hill below:

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