It's a town that has unfortunately become known for mysterious disappearances. That's one reason why you'll hear references to Centralia, Illinois being "The Devil's Playground".

A popular YouTube guy named Alexander Supertramp (no relation to the band from what I understand) shared this tidbit about this part of Illinois:

This is a story rarely talked about. People have mysteriously vanished in this small Illinois town of Centralia. Also there have been unexplained murders as well. Is it the work of devil worshippers? What is happening in Centralia, Illinois and "The Devil's Playground".

The allegations seem to be aimed at witches claimed to live in that area involving murders and disappearances.

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So there's the tragic death in the mine explosion in the 1940's, but that's kind of hard to blame on devil worshippers and witches, isn't it? The 1984 hit and run death which was later changed by police to blunt force trauma is certainly suspicious. The 1991 disappearance of the runaway boy is sad and one witness claimed he was killed in a ritual yet no body was ever found in the location where it allegedly happened. The 1997 killing of a man where multiple people lost their lives over the years has also been connected to an evil group in the Centralia area.

The mention of witches in Centralia is anecdotal at this point. While there was an event around Halloween a couple years ago that seemed to cater to a group like this, it's more or less just an urban legend. However, it is an urban legend tied to real death and disappearances which have yet to be solved.

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