St. Paul, MN (MNN Sports)  --  Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officials are planning community meetings to talk about how to improve northern pike fishing statewide.

The DNR is proposing statewide regulations for northern pike fishing, addressing problems with pike populations in north-central, northeast and southern Minnesota. The proposal would create three pike fishing zones.

Each region has its own unique problem-with the north-central zone having too many small pike. The proposal would increase the number of medium and large pike and decrease the number of small pike.

The northeast zone has a small amount of large pike. The proposal would maintain harvest opportunities while protecting the large pike.

The south zone has fewer pike, and the ones there don't produce as well as in the north. The proposal would increase the amount of pike and improve harvesting. A series of public meetings will be offered to discuss the proposal. More information is available on the DNR website, under “fishing.”