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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -  A former Rochester police officer who was charged with domestic assault last year is no longer facing prosecution.

Court records show 34-year-old Jamar Meeks was charged in October with two counts of domestic assault and one count of disorderly conduct.

The criminal complaint indicates the incident involved a woman Meeks had an earlier relationship with. The complaint says the two got into an argument over their two children on Oct. 8th. Meeks was arrested and arraigned the next day.

(See complete complaint below).

Meeks was placed on administrative leave and RPD initiated an internal affairs review of the case. Meeks had been an officer with the Rochester Police Department for less than one year and not received any discipline or complaints.

RPD Chief Jim Franklin issued this statement after the case was made public:
“The alleged conduct outlined in this incident is concerning and is inconsistent with the core values of the Rochester Police Department.”

The case was assigned to the Bloomington City Attorney for prosecution and was scheduled for trial next month. But the prosecutor in the case recently filed this report with the court:

Plaintiff hereby dismisses the action against the above-named Defendant for the following reason: Upon receipt of additional information provided by the alleged victim, the State will be unable to prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt.
Wendy A. Murphy,
Special Assistant City Attorney

Here is the official criminal complaint in the case:

On October 8, 2020 at approximately 3:30 p.m., Rochester Police Officers responded to 234 10 1/2 Street SE, Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota for domestic assault. The reporting party, Adult Female Victim (fully identified in the police reports) stated the father of her children, identified as JAMAR CALVIN MARCELLE MEEKS, DOB: 09/ 7/1986, the defendant herein, had pushed his way into her residence and attempted to take the children without her permission by forcing the children out of the house. The defendant was located parked outside the residence. Officer Swenson made contact with the defendant while Officer Nepper made contact with Adult Female Victim. Adult Female Victim was crying and had minor bleeding injury on her left thumb. Adult Female Victim reported she and the defendant are not currently in relationship but have two children in common. There is no court ordered parenting time or custody arrangement. Adult Female Victim stated today the defendant, who was let into the residence (she currently resides with her parents and their home) by her mother, tried to forcibly take the children. Adult Female Victim said there is no pre-arranged custody arrangement between her and the defendant. Adult Female Victim reported the defendant pushed her, yanked the children by the arms and took them out of the house. 0n this day, Adult Female Victim had allowed the defendant to take the children to and from school. After school the defendant had arrived at the residence and wanted to take the children while he had his days off. Adult Female Victim stated the defendant tried to grab their son, Adult Female Victim stepped in front of her son to block the defendant, the defendant then grabbed their son, she then grabbed their son by his shirt to hang onto him, the defendant then stepped to the side of her to get the children and elbowed her in
the chest causing her to fall backwards. Adult Female Victim said she did not fail down or hit the wall. Adult Female Victim told the defendant he had hurt her and yelled at the defendant to leave. The defendant successfully pushed the children out of the residence, and blocked the doorway so she could not get outside. Adult Female Victim then called 911. Adult Female Victim said this was the first time the defendant has been this aggressive. Adult Female Victim said she was scared and sad during the incident.
Officer Nepper then spoke With Juvenile Witness (fully identified in the police reports) who reported hearing Adult Female Victim yell "don't touch me" and then saw Adult Female Victim fall backwards, however did not see anything before that. The defendant is police officer with the Rochester City Police Department so the Olmsted County Sheriff‘s Office were assigned to complete the investigation. Detective Johnson of the Olmsted County Sheriff‘s Officer made contact with Adult Female Victim who said prior to calling the police, she had woke up and heard the defendant's voice and observed the defendant was inside her parent's residence. Adult Female Victim learned her mother had let the defendant into the residence because he said he needed to use the bathroom. Adult Female Victim told the defendant to leave the residence. Adult Female Victim said an argument began because the defendant had series of days off and wanted to have the children stay with him during that time. Adult Female Victim said there had been no agreement or arrangement for the defendant taking the children on his days off. Adult Female Victim told the defendant he could take the children the next day, October 9, 2020. Adult Female Victim instructed the children to sit at the dining room table. The defendant then told the children to come with him. As the children got up from the table Adult Female Victim and the defendant both attempted to pull the children in separate directions. Adult Female Victim reported she tried to get around the defendant in order to block him from taking one of the children out the door and the defendant pushed her back and elbowed her in the chest area. Adult Female Victim said the defendant elbowed her hard and it caused pain. Once the defendant got the children out of the house, Adult Female Victim told the defendant she was calling the police. Detective Johnson contact with Juvenile Witness (fully identified in the police reports) who reported Adult Female Victim had blocked the door, preventing the defendant from getting out of the residence. Juvenile Witness said the defendant pushed and got Adult Female Victim out of the way, in order to get out of the house. Detective Johnson then spoke with Juvenile Witness (fully identified in the police reports) who reported Adult Female Victim indicated the defendant could not take the children that day, and an argument ensued. Juvenile Witness said the only person who got pulled was Juvenile Witness A. Juvenile Witness said Adult Female Victim and the defendant had argued before but it hasn't been like this before. Adult Female Victim mother’s spoke with Detective Johnson and confirmed she let the defendant into the home, heard the argument and observed the defendant push Adult Female Victim. The defendant admitted yelling during the incident and what he described as boxing out Adult Female Victim, indicating this is an action similar to move in basketball when you turn your back to player, put your arms out, elbows back and not allow player past you. The defendant indicated he did not push, hit or elbow Adult Female Victim.

RPD Communications Coordinator Amanda Grayson says Meeks is no longer with the department. She says his “last date of employment with the City of Rochester was December 23, 2020.”

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