In Illinois, is it really illegal to drive with your hazard lights on?

Just the other day, I was using my hazard lights while traveling behind my friend with a couch in the bed of their truck.  I wanted to make sure other drivers knew we were traveling as a slower pace for a reason.

It got me thinking... was it even legal for me to drive with my hazards on since it wasn't actually a true emergency?


Your hazard lights are located in the front and rear of your vehicle.  They flash to warn other drivers that some sort of emergency is taking place.

When should I use my hazard lights when driving?

There are actually only a few situations where you SHOULD use your hazards.

#1: When you've been in an accident

#2: When you're changing a tire/car is broken down

#3: When you're in a funeral procession

#4: When you're getting pulled over

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Now here's when you SHOULDN'T use your hazards.

You shouldn't use your hazard lights if:

#1: It's raining

#2: When traffic is really heavy

#3: If you are parking illegally

Parking illegally is always illegal... so just don't do both at the same time lol.


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So, there are clearly times when it's absolutely necessary to use your hazard lights.

According to Thomas Law Offices,

"Illinois state law prohibits driving with your hazard lights on, so be sure to leave your vehicle's hazards unengaged while driving"

So yes.  It is illegal to drive with your hazards on in Illinois.  Not only does it put your safety at risk, but other motorists around you.  If you're just using your hazards for fun, you might be hit with a hefty fine.  We don't want that!

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