One of my favorite holidays is July 4th!  The smell of food on the grill, the concert in Rochester, Minnesota before the fireworks, and of course...the fireworks.  Kids want to get in on the fun too and love to wave those sparklers around making magic in the sky!


Amazing Way to Stop Sparklers From Burning Kids' Hands in Minnesota

Sparklers are fun but unfortunately, they can leave nasty burns on our kids' hands, which can ruin the night of fun very fast.  To save all kids in Minnesota from those tears, I did some research and found an amazing solution!  A DIY Sparkler Shield found on Pinterest.

Credit: belchonock ThinkStock
Credit: belchonock ThinkStock

Easy Way to Protect Kids' Hands While Using A Sparkler on the 4th of July 

I love easy-to-follow instructions and found this less than 5-minute craft to create a sparkler shield for kids to help avoid burns while using sparklers.


  • Sparklers
  • Large, plastic cup
  • Knife


  • Parents, use a knife or something sharp to cut a hole or slice into the bottom of the plastic cup.
  • Have a child put their hand inside the cup.
  • Take the sparkler and put it through the hole/cut in the cup so that a child can hold the end of the sparkler inside the cup.
  • Light the sparkler...and enjoy!

Wondering where to watch the fireworks this year?  We've got the list of all of the places in Southeast Minnesota here.

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Any other great tips for the 4th of July?  I'd love to hear them.  Send me a message on my Facebook page or DM me on Instagram.

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