Not gonna lie, I'd love to have a job that's all about being rude to people.  If I'm having a bad day, nobody would know because I'd just say it's my job to make snarky remarks.

If you've never been to this Illinois diner, it's time you make a trip for the impolite service you receive from the disrespectful servers.  If you don't think you can take the sass from the servers, GET OVER IT!

According to OnlyInYourState, Ed Debevic's Diner is one of Chicago's wackiest restaurants where dining is a blast.  I do agree, I'd go back just to be called terrible names from my server.


"Best buns in business since 1984. 'EAT & GET OUT!'"

Famously known for its sarcastic service & 1950s decorations, Ed’s transformed into a fun & unique staple in the culinary world.

Some staff will sing and dance on tables, break food trays in front of you, and throw 10 straws at you when you only asked for 1.  You get what you pay for at this diner!

You even get official ED sailor hats when you get seated, what a fun atmosphere.  This is fun for the entire family, make sure to let your kiddos know the concept before they start crying!

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This is the type of place I wish was in my city.  I'd eat here every day because at least someone gets my sense of humor (lol).

Ed's even tells you this on their website:

If you’re looking for a traditional dining experience, you’ve gotten yourself into a boatload of trouble.

One time, I made the mistake of asking for a bottle of ketchup here.  The server took every bottle from other occupied tables and gave it all to me.  I literally had 15 bottles of ketchup in front of me and returned them to their tables, so funny!

With the experience, comes the comfort food; burgers, hot dogs, shakes, and everything else that leaves you running to the bathroom.  Though it's not the 'fanciest' dining experience, it sure is one you'll never forget!

Don't forget to tip your server or they'll have a choice of words with you!  A tip is not an option at Ed Debevic's, you're either a good person or a cheapskate.

I'd rather be deemed a good person any day!

Bring along a good sense of humor to Ed Debevic's next time you're in Chicago - you're gonna need it.  Have fun and leave a 5-star review for the experience.  If they're not rude to you, they're not doing their job right! They're located at 159 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611.

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