One of the great sins committed by the original 'Fantastic Four' movie was how badly it botched the character of Dr. Doom, one of the best and most iconic villains in the Marvel universe. The megalomaniacal dictator of Latveria is getting another chance on the big screen thanks to the upcoming reboot, where he'll be played by Toby Kebbell. While it's too early to actually judge this latest take on Doom in any way, some newly revealed tidbits automatically make him sound better than the previous iteration.

According to Nerdist, 'Fantastic Four' won't just pit the title team against their green-cloaked and masked arch-nemesis. No, he'll have some assistance in taking down Marvel's first family in the from of "Doombots."

If you're a comic geek, chance are strong that the mere mention of the world Doombots made you cheer in your seat. If you're a normal person with a life and a girlfriend and hobbies that don't involve longboxes (we kid because we love), just know that these are exactly what they sound like they are. First introduced in the fifth issue of the Fantastic Four comic book series a half century ago, Doombots were exact replicas of their creator, used to do their master's bidding (and frequently utilized when Dr. Doom needed to fake his own death). In recent years, they've taken on additional forms, often appearing as hulking robotic henchmen or an undercover operatives with the appearance of a normal person.

Take any and all details with a grain of salt until they're confirmed, but Nerdist says that this cinematic take on the Doombots will treat them as drones (topical!) and that Dr. Doom will be able to control them telepathically (awesome!). The fact that director Josh Trank isn't afraid to have bad guys called "Doombots" in his movie suggests that this may be the unashamedly nerdy 'Fantastic Four' we've been waiting for.

'Fantastic Four' is set to start shooting this month and will be released on June 19, 2015.