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Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson could soon be cleared to play in the National Football League.

The Associated Press and numerous media outlets are reporting that a federal judge in Minneapolis has sided with Peterson and the NFL Players Association in their legal fight over NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's decision to suspend the star Vikings running back through at least April 15th because of the child-abuse allegations he faced in Texas.

Peterson was accused of repeatedly striking his four-year-old son with a stick as a form of punishment and later entered a no contest plea to a charge of reckless assault.

His attorney and the players' union argued Goodell used a new NFL domestic violence policy to punish Peterson, even though his offense occurred when the previous league policy was in effect. U.S. District Judge David Doty basically agreed that it was unfair to retroactively apply the new and tougher policy.

Whether Peterson returns to the Minnesota Vikings remains a big question mark. Team officials have said they want him back in a Vikings uniform next season, but Peterson has been quoted as saying he is "uneasy" about returning to the team. CBS Sports also reported that his agent and Vikings officials were seen engaged in a heated argument during the recent NFL combine.