U.S Department of Agriculture-wildlife Services Sharpshooters are in Fillmore County aiming to fight Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), as the state continues to fight against the fatal disease.

They have been preparing to target deer in a relatively small area, where a total of eight animals tested positive for CWD since last fall, according to Outdoor News.

"We're trying to stamp out a disease in a localized area," said Lou Cornicelli, DNR wildlife research manager told Outdoor News. "That's the goal."

Since Dec. 31, 928 samples have been tested, with 58 still pending, a total of five have tested positive for CWD, according to the Minnesota DNR.

Those five brought the total to eight, and now the sharpshooters have taken the air to attempt to put a stamp on the disease. The sharpshooters will spend a majority of their time in the area were seven positive deer were found, while they will spend a little bit of time where the one deer was killed.

Land-owner permission will be obtained before the sharpshooters go to work. Deer that are killed with be refrigerated and field-dressed, and those that test negative will be given to people who are waiting on a list.

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