For unknown reasons, a Florida Man, while fully naked, pooped on his neighbor's table.

The story goes that 64-year-old Kenneth Clark Carlyle was "fully naked" while he walked up the driveway of his next-door neighbor, and climbed up onto his neighbor's porch to drop a hot deuce on their glass table.

Carlyle was arrested Friday afternoon and booked into the Pinellas County Jail on a misdemeanor criminal mischief charge.

According to the police report, Carlyle was captured pinching a loaf on the patio table on "two separate angles of the victim’s home security video footage.”

When officers arrived at Carlyle's home, they spoke to him “through the door of his RV camper and he was still visibly naked and highly uncooperative.”

Pinellas County Sheriff's Office
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

Bond on the criminal mischief is $250, but because this isn't the first time in the last six months that Carlyle's been in trouble, he's staying behind bars.

In December, Carlyle was busted for drunk driving and firing "multiple firearms," into a lake near his home.

Police said he fired the guns while sitting in his car, and when police arrived, they found "multiple shell casings scattered around the vehicle.” This time, he was charged with DUI, a misdemeanor, and two felony firearm counts. He was released on a bond of $11,500.

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