Another one. We're not kidding.

On the day that Matt Lauer of The Today Show is fired from NBC regarding allegations of sexual misconduct, Minnesota is now in shock after one of their own is facing the same allegations.

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Garrison Keillor, the former host of "A Prairie Home Companion," (and a native Minnesotan) has now been fired from Minnesota Public Radio amidst allegations of improper behavior.

Kim David from KROC-AM reports, "Keillor told The Associated Press of his firing in an email." He mentions, "In a follow-up statement, he says he was fired over "a story that I think is more interesting and more complicated than the version MPR heard."

David explained he didn't give details of the allegation. Minnesota Public Radio didn't immediately respond to messages.

They did, however, release their own public statement regarding their decision online. It names some specific names.

You can expect a lot of changes on MPR with Keillor's absence. MPR explains,

MPR will end its business relationships with Mr. Keillor's media companies effective immediately. By terminating the contracts, MPR and American Public Media (APM) will:


* end distribution and broadcast of The Writer's Almanac and rebroadcasts of The Best of A Prairie Home Companion hosted by Garrison Keillor;


* change the name of APM's weekly music and variety program hosted by Chris Thile; and,


* separate from the Pretty Good Goods online catalog and the website."

Do you think this was the right decision? For immediate updates, stay tuned to KROC-AM.


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