Some stories are apparently not meant to be told or at least some authorities would prefer they not be. That's what happened when an Illinois couple encountered something terrifying in the woods. Before they could tell their story, the government apparently silenced them.

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This encounter in an Illinois campground almost certainly would have never been heard if not for a retired Illinois teacher. They just recently shared their eyewitness account with the very popular YouTube channel Lilith Dread. The retired teacher enjoyed the solitude of the woods and became a camp host back in 2016. One night as he was making the rounds, he came across a couple with a small dog. They were doing fine at the time, so the teacher moved on.

A few days later, the teacher became concerned when the couple was not at their site, but the little dog was. It was dirty and seemed to be very upset about something. The teacher alerted authorities and took the little dog in for care. A few hours later, one of the ranger vehicles pulled up with the couple inside. After getting out of the vehicle, they rushed to the tent where their dog was and the teacher could tell they were terribly shaken.

It was then that the couple told the teacher what had happened. They were walking in the woods when they came across something on the trail...something huge. It was not a bear as it was standing upright. The woman had tried to grab their dog, but her husband grabbed her arm feeling that they must flee instantly. She was heartbroken they would have to leave their dog behind, but feared for their lives.

The couple began to elaborate how they fled to a cave and threw rocks at the huge creature that was trailing them. Eventually they were able to flee out of the cave and back to safety.

The husband said he planned to tell their story to the local TV station.

As the couple continued trying to describe the creature they saw, the teacher saw a homeland security vehicle pull up. The doors opened and the couple were summoned inside. The doors shut and the vehicle drove off with the couple and their small dog inside.

The next day, the teacher saw the story in the newspaper about how the lost couple in the woods had been found, but all it said was they "had become lost in the woods". Nothing else. The story the man said he would share with the news media was not being told. Why? What detail did the authorities not want shared about what the Illinois couple saw in the woods? Only the officials in that homeland security car know for sure.

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