It's highly illegal, not to mention dangerous, to sneak into the new Vikings stadium construction project at night. But yet that's just what one guy did -- and he posted the pictures online.


Deadspin/Twitter has the story of how this guy did it. His name is Scott Heins, and he describes himself as a “writer, photojournalist, and urban explorer born in Minnesota and living in New York City.” He posted not only his story, but all the incredible pictures, too, for Deadspin, the online sports magazine.

According to the story, "Gaining access to the construction site was “shockingly easy,” Heins wrote, as he described how he pushed against the chain link fence in one spot and opened up a gap that was large enough for him to crawl through."

Of course, the powers that be don't recommend you try this yourself. In fact, the story goes on to say, "the folks who control the construction site, the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, are not very happy about the stunt. The MSFA and Mortenson Construction said in an emailed statement late Wednesday afternoon that they are aware of the “trespassing incident” which occurred after hours, once workers had left and locked the gates of the site.

'Trespassing on construction sites is illegal and very dangerous,' said John Wood, senior vice president at Mortenson. 'We take this situation very seriously, and we are evaluating all options with local authorities to have this individual face consequences for his unlawful entry to the site and to further increase security after hours.'"

You can check out entire Heins' story -- and pictures -- HERE.