Even if you're a bug-friendly type of person, if you see these insects in Illinois they should be crushed immediately.

Should You Kill Bugs Or Let Them Go In Illinois?

Many years ago, my grandma told me I should never kill bugs. She said they are here for a reason so smashing them could hurt the environment. If I find one in my house, the thing to do is to catch the insect alive and put them outside. It sounds like a great idea but sometimes it's just easier to squash one. I did find some of the pests that are on the okay list to step on.

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There Are Many Harmful Bugs In Illinois

It's funny because I think most people in Illinois besides my late grandma have the same feelings about bugs. They don't like them. The first reaction is to step on one to squash it. Unfortunately, that's not always the right decision to make. Most of them are an important part of our ecosystem. Don't worry, you can still have some big squishing fun because there are still many you don't need around because they're harmful. 

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Harmful Illinois Bugs

According to patch.com,

List Of Harmful Bugs In Illinois

If you see any of these bugs in Illinois, you should smoosh them immediately.

Spotted Lanternfly

  • Harmful to grapes, orchards, and logging.

Stink Bug

  • Harmful to fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants.

Kudzu Bug

  • Harmful to food crops.


  • Harmful to humans.

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