Bigfoot is easily one of the most famous cryptids and conspiracies in America. The big creature may or may not be real... what is real is this fantastic spooky restaurant that really pays its respects to the famous creature.

Next time you're in Burlington Iowa you'll want to check this spot out.

Isolated Vector Bigfoot Silhouette Illustration

This spot in Iowa has gotten a good amount of attention from different news sources. 'Only In Your State' went on to say,

You'll definitely want to take a while here and explore the unique decor and recreation offerings at this original Iowa bar.

Chris Rogers

"The Bigfoot Bar"

The bar is actually called Valley Monster Public Tap House So thankfully it's not just Bigfoot who's welcome, it's all creatures no matter the shape or size. This spot really is unique and fun. The one-of-a-kind craft brewhouse offers dozens of beers, whiskeys, and ciders.

They also run deep with the community. Their website states,

The individuality of the customers and the uniqueness of the pub is what sets us apart, offering unique craft beers, whiskeys, and high-end bourbons. We started the pub to help bring new craft beers and education to the area. We're looking forward to growing our business to continue to serve Burlington and the surrounding communities. We'd like to personally invite you to stop in and visit for a night out with friends, great atmosphere, and a fine selection of unique craft beers, ciders, bourbons, and more!

Are you brave enough to visit the  Valley Monster? I'm sure you'll have a great time. You can see more photos here.

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