Not sure if you've noticed but there is a bunch of negativity happening in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and throughout our world right now.  Our country is divided on so many levels, the pandemic has exhausted us and the last few years have been financially hard for so many.  Personally, when I'm surrounded by just a little bit, it drags me down.  So, for November, there's a challenge going on and if you are needing a break from all the negativity, feel free to join me and thousands of others that have said "yes"!


November Challenge Happening Right Now in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin

Just scrolling through social media is enough sometimes to start focusing more on the negative rather than being thanfkul, especially on some pages!  Filling our lives with positivity and being intentional about what is bringing us joy each day has been the focus every November for the past few years.  And this is more than just the typical 1st grade answers of "food", "recess", "my toys".  After all the surface answers are stated of what we are thankful for, you start to dig a bit deeper as this becomes more of an intentional piece of your day.


If you want to join me for a little shift in perspective and be part of the Thankful Challenge, here's the super-easy way that it works:

  • Step One:  Just start.  Today is a good day to make that happen.
  • Step Two:  Write it down in a journal, a piece of paper, on social media...whatever works best for thing that you are thankful for today and why.  The challenge here is to go beyond the 1st grade type of responses and to dig a little bit on the deeper side.
  • Step Three:  If you are on social media, always ask the question "What are you thankful for today?" and see if other people will respond.  Who knows, you might inspire them too!
  • Step Four:  Do the next day...and the next.  If you miss a day, that is life, so don't beat yourself up.  It is a thankful challenge not a "I can't believe I am a failure now because I missed a day" challenge.  Give yourself some grace and just move on to the next day.  Or, do what I did and put two in one day.

See, it's easy peasy.  If you are ready to try, awesome!  If it's not your thing, that's fine too.  But, I'd love for you to join me and encourage me as I share mine on Instagram and my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

Another fun challenge that you could do that is similar is the November Pumpkin Challenge.  You can read up on it and see some fun pics here.

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