I'm a soccer player. I've played since I was just five years old. Played in college. Had tryouts with a few professional and semi-professional teams. I've heard all the quips people like to make about it not being a real sport and how there's no contact. The reality is that anybody who has played, especially at any high level, knows how far from the truth those statements are.

I'm not sure how high a level this soccer is. I'm not familiar with girls soccer in North Carolina. I do know that the women's team at the University of North Carolina has a long and storied history of success, but beyond that I'm not well-versed on soccer in that state.

But no matter what state you're playing in, or at what level, I do know that this incident is illegal and unsportsmanlike! The goalkeeper who performed this maneuver has since been suspended by the school, and I would hope that the suspension lasts for a huge chunk of the season.

There's no place in sports for this kind of behavior. It doesn't matter what sport or at what level. Hopefully, the player she took out is okay.

On a side note, is it just me, or did the linesman wrongly call her offside? It looked to me like she made the perfect run - at least right until she got blasted by the goalkeeper...