U.S. Women's National Team goalkeeper, Hope Solo, has been given a six-month ban by the U.S. Soccer Federation for the comments she made about Sweden after they beat the United States in the women's soccer Olympic quarterfinal. Solo has also had her contract terminated. And, honestly, it's one of the most ridiculous things I've heard in a long time!

Yes, Solo has a colorful past and has had her fair share of on-field and off-field incidents. And, sure, she has a tendency to say things on occasion before she has thought them through. But to ban her for six months for calling out an opponent for their negative tactics? Come on!

For those who missed out on the controversy, after the game in which Sweden knocked the U.S. women's team out of the Olympics in Rio by a penalty kick shootout, Solo made a comment calling out the Swedish team as being cowards for the style of play they employed during the match. And anybody who actually watched might agree.

The United States out shot Sweden 26 to 5 during the match and had a majority of possession while dominating the game. Sweden was certainly reluctant to sustain any attack or possession. To call them "cowards" might be a bit of a stretch, but as she continued to talk about the game, I felt she did a nice job of explaining her reasoning behind the initial comment.

But, honestly, how can the U.S. Soccer Federation's actions be justified? An athlete is suspended from their team for six months for a simple comment? Was it unsportsmanlike? Sure. Was it unnecessary? Definitely. But worthy of a ban of this length and nature? Not at all! It's a disappointing day for American soccer...