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The window to apply for Minnesota's frontline worker bonus pay closed on Friday. But what should you do if the state says you're not eligible and rejects your application? There is a way you can appeal!

The Minnesota legislature passed an order which was signed by Governor Walz back in May of this year which authorized the state to make extra payments to those Minnesotans who worked on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic. State lawmakers settled on an amount of $500 million dollars to be divided among all eligible frontline workers.

Back in early May, officials thought around 667,000 Minnesotans would likely apply, meaning each check would be around $750. But way more Minnesotans have applied than state officials first estimated. In fact, state officials now say over one million Minnesotans applied for those bonus payments before the deadline last Friday (July 22nd) meaning checks could be closer to $500 each.

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Now that all applications have been received, the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (MDLI) is now doing verification checks to make sure each applicant is eligible for a bonus payment. The state will then notify you whether your application was accepted-- and whether a check will be coming your way or not-- by August 16th.

Now if you happen to be notified that you're NOT eligible, (and there are five main reasons your application could be rejected-- check them out HERE) you CAN appeal that decision. The MDLI website explained that the email from MDLI will contain a link you can click on to access one of several appeals if your application is denied.

Appeal forms are online forms that must be successfully submitted to appeal a denial decision. The information required in the appeal form will depend on the reason for the denial. Each denial reason has a corresponding appeal form that can be accessed from the applicant's Submittable account.

If the applicant does not complete and successfully submit all appeal forms during the appeals period, within 15 days of the date of the denial email message, the denial will be final.

Successfully submitted appeal forms will be reviewed and a final decision will be communicated to the applicant by email. The commissioner of the Department of Labor and Industry's decision on an appeal is final.

You can get more information about the appeals process HERE.

One person who won't be applying, however, is former Vikings General Manager, Rick Spielman. Probably because A) he isn't a frontline worker, and B) he likely doesn't even live in Minnesota anymore. He sold his house in Eden Prairie earlier this year, right after the Vikings let him go. But you can still check out what his house looked like... keep scrolling to see the pics!

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