This isn't a scene from a scary movie, this axe attack actually happened in an Illinois town.

Being A Police Officer In Illinois Isn't Easy

Have you ever watched a horror movie and after it's done, wonder what kind of mind can come up with a terrifying storyline like that? Then while you're checking out the latest news, there's an incident so scary you think that there's no way that could be real. It has to be out of a horror movie. Now imagine being a police officer and having to investigate extremely upsetting similar situations. That can't be easy. I appreciate the difficult job they have to deal with on a daily basis.

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Illinois Axe Attack

According to,

Illinois Man Seriously Injured After Axe Attack

This incident in question happened between two homeless men in Arlington Heights. The victim was sleeping in a public parking garage on early Sunday morning when he was attacked. He was awoken from his slumber by the other man who drove over his legs with his bike. The suspect then pulled out a small axe and began hitting him with it.

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The victim was able to escape the attack and make it to an emergency phone in the parking garage. The police were immediately sent to the scene. When help arrived they discover the wounded man in the building. They treated his injuries but he refused to go to the hospital. Luckily, they weren't life-threatening.

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The cops were familiar with the suspect so they were able to track him down rather quickly and arrested him for attempted murder. The attacker had threatened to kill his victim. There was no reason given for the assault.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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