If you are looking for the ultimate fine dining experience then you need to check out this French Restaurant in Illinois, which was named the second-best French Restaurant in the US.

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According to the travel website farandwide.com, the French-style restaurant called Le Bouchon in Chicago was named the second-best French restaurant in the US. The only French-style restaurant that is ahead of Le Bouchon is the New York City restaurant called L'Appart. What makes Le Bouchon one of the best in the US? On the site they say...

"Not all French dining in the U.S. has to be stuffy. Case in point: Le Bouchon. While the food is certainly elevated, the restaurant itself has a friendly and casual feel. A line always embellishes the exterior, certainly adding street cred to the establishment. But you'll be surprised to know that most patrons are return customers, who realize the long wait is worth it for the tartare (yes, raw meat), onion soup and fresh oysters."

I lived in Chicago for years but I never heard of Le Bouchon or what their menu is like. On their website, the menu has items like Grilled Quail (for $34), Duck Liver Mousse (for $16), and Canard Roti (for $75).

I would totally spend a night at dinner trying Le Bouchon, you don't have to order the duck liver, there are plenty of other things on the menu that looks more palatable for the average American. Do you think we need a French-style restaurant here in the Tri-States? I would say yes, but only if the chef was legit and it was in a small storefront on Main St. in Hannibal.

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