If you're on TikTok a lot, I'm guessing you've seen a bunch of videos featuring this thing called a "permanent bracelet". Since I am not on TikTok I was unaware that this is apparently the new "it" thing when it comes to jewelry...until I received this text from my BFF Beth yesterday...

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What Is a Permanent Bracelet?

Contrary to the way it sounds, a permanent bracelet (aka, a forever bracelet) is not tattoed on or welded to your skin, in fact, it's a completely painless process.


To put it simply, a permanent bracelet is a metal chain that can't be taken off because the ends are soldered together using a laser. If you're thinking; no way I'm putting a laser near my skin, relax, your wrist area will be covered so the laser won't touch you!

The Gem Shop in Rockton recently shared this video of what the permanent bracelet application process looks like...

So easy, and so pretty!

When my friend Beth reached out to The Gem Shop about the price of getting a permanent bracelet they said;

The price range is around $30 per inch for 14 karat gold bracelets. An average bracelet is about 6 to 7 inches and that does include the cost of soldering. We have about 7 or 8 different chains to choose from.


Important Things to Know About Permanent Bracelets

Before you make the decision to get a permanent bracelet, here are a few things you should know first from weheartthis.com;

  • Gold chain is typically used for permanent bracelets because it holds up far better than silver over time.
  • Most jewelers only offer bracelets because necklaces or anklets tend to snag and/or break more often.
  • If you decide down the line to remove your permanent bracelet, the fine chains can easily be cut off with a pair of snips at home, or you can go back to the jewelry store you got it from and have them remove it.
  • If medical procedures require your permanent bracelet to be cut off, most jewelry stores will re-solder it for free.

Are you ready to live the permanent bracelet life? The Gem Shop in Rockton is now taking appointments and walk-ins to have one made today!

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