If you party a little too hard, passing out in a restaurant is not where you want to end up.

Many People Have Experience A Way Too Drunk Moment In Their Lives

Many of us have been in a similar situation in our lives. We are out partying with friends and having a really good time. Maybe, a little too much fun. Unfortunately, it leads to getting drunk. Probably way too wasted. We do not head home before it is too late. There are some bad decisions made. You end up passing out somewhere that is not appropriate. Hopefully, you do not get arrested. If you do, well, you are not the first and will not be the last.

Illinois Man Arrested For Passing Out In Chipotle

Illinois Man Passes Out In Burrito Restaurant

Another right of passage for the really drunk person is late-night food. The thought is that it will help you sober up a bit. Burritos are always good for that kind of situation. Again, hopefully, you do not pass out in the middle of your meal. That could get messy. Well, it looks like this guy in Illinois was trying to get his munchies on at Chipotle. Unfortunately, he did not even get that far before he passed out in a booth. Of course, the restaurant called the cops. Looks like they found out why he fell asleep. He had a pocket full of drugs.

Illinois Man Arrested For Passing Out In Chipotle

According to patch.com, 

Police responded to a call about an unconscious person. He was found sleeping in a booth at Chipotle Grill.

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