It really is pretty amazing what you come across when you're brainstorming ideas for what to blog about.

I was bouncing around the internet looking for something to write a post about and came across the fact that there used to be a massive civilization in Southern Illinois that had structures similar to pyramids and a structure that resembled Stonehenge in England.

That got me searching for other Stonehenges in Illinois, and wouldn't you know it, there's a whole website dedicated to Stonehenge recreations around the world.

The website is called and it is very fascinating.

One entry in particular caught my eye. A clonehenge in northwestern Illinois near Galena. Apparently there's one up there that the website that is dedicated to finding information on Stonehenge recreations, can't find any information about.

They had never heard of this recreation, and even after posting the location of the site on their website, they had nothing.

Someone has gone to the trouble of planning and building this Stonehenge replica in rural Illinois without seeking the spotlight, without any major news outlets picking it up, and without advertising. Why? Questions abound, my friends! But we have, alas, no answers, the definition of a mystery.

It's almost as big of a mystery as the original Stonehenge.

I'd include pictures of the clonehenge but there aren't any pictures of this northwest Illinois site that I have permission to use.

I encourage you to check them out on their website. Very cool.

Have you head of these stones before? Do you have any more information? If so, I know some people that run a website that would like to talk to you.

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