The world-famous "Wieners Circle" hot dog stand in Chicago decided to change its name in honor of the "420" holiday.

10 Times Chicago's Wieners Circle Marquee was Hilarious and Genius

Illinois Businesses Are Getting In The Spirit Of "420" Holiday

Since recreational marijuana is legal in Illinois, a lot of people, including business owners are really getting into the "420" holiday spirit. It's not just dispensaries and smoke shops. Theaters, restaurants, and more are coming up with creative ways to celebrate.

Don't get me wrong, it's no Christmas or Thanksgiving but still fun. Plus, a good way to generate some extra revenue for companies. How long until "420" becomes commercialized?

marijuana symbol with legal text in neon lights
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Illinois' World Famous Hot Dog Stand Has Some 420 Fun

The Wieners Circle is a world-famous hot dog stand in Chicago. They decided to have some fun on "420" by changing their name.

Just for this special day, they will be known as "The Weedners Circle," with the new slogan, "Make America Baked Again." Now, that's hilarious.

Not A Surprising Move For The Wieners Circle

I'm not surprised about this name change move by the popular food joint because they are known for their quick wit and sharp tongue.

According to,


Some Of The Wieners Circle's Famous Insults

The Wieners Circle Is More Than A Hot Dog Stand

The Wiener Circle is more than just a hot dog stand, they also host many fun events...

For more info, HERE.

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