(Winona, MN) MNN --  A 28-year-old Winona man has been arrested after shooting rounds from an assault rifle near a downtown church last night.Police Chief Paul Bostrack says officers responded to several reports of gunshots and found Aaron Rudolphi and a woman sitting in a car parked in the alley.  Rudolphi lives in a home nearby, and apparently admitted that he was shooting at people near a fence across from the alley - but officers determined that he was drunk and the people didn't exist.  The woman in the car told police that she was there to check on Rudolphi's welfare, and convinced him to put the gun in her trunk.  Officers found the loaded AR-15 and a box of ammunition in the trunk as well as five spent casings on Rudolphi's porch.  He is facing several weapons and property damage charges.  The woman with him will not be charged.