A man from northern Iowa just won a ton of money playing the Iowa lottery. Travis from Riceville, Iowa, was the winner of one of the top prizes in the Cash Blast scratch game. Travis won a massive prize of $100,000! I know this might sound like a pretty standard scratch-off lottery story and for the most part, it is. What makes this story pretty funny is what happened after he purchased his ticket.

Iowa Lottery
Iowa Lottery

Travis was trying to be a good husband and do something nice for his wife. He took her car to the convenience store to fill it up with gas. We'll put a gold star in the "good husband" column for Travis on that day. While helping his wife out and filling her car up with gas, Travis grabbed a "Cash Blast" scratch game ticket.

After heading out back to the car, he scratched the ticket and got a pretty sweet surprise. He was rich! He ran back into the store to double-check that he wasn't seeing things and it turns out he was a big winner. The problem is he almost forgot to put the vehicle in park...

Now, I've never had a big lottery win but I can definitely understand how in all of that excitement, you might forget a thing or two. Thankfully, Travis didn't hit anything with his wife's car, and he was able to get the car in park before running back into the store.

Imagine winning $100,000 and showing up at your house, with your wife's car, that's missing a headlight or has a giant dent in the front bumper, or worse, hit another car. Do you start with the good news or the bad news in that situation?

"Hey honey, I'm really sorry but I forgot to put the car in park and it hit a pole, we need a new headlight. The great news is we can definitely afford one." Or, "Hey honey, we just won $100,000, but we need a new headlight." Which version would you prefer?

I'm a fan of the first version. Admit you made a mistake but you have a $100,000 solution to fix it. According to Iowa Lottery, Travis purchased his winning ticket at Casey's, located at 208 W. Main St, Riceville. He and his wife are planning on using the winnings to pay bills and pay off debts. The good news is Travis doesn't need to add "fix wife's car" to his debt list.

Congrats on the win Travis!

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